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2021 Annual Tour is ON
The 2021 Annual Tour is in Wangaratta on 17th-18th April 2021

2021 Meetings and events
Things are slowly getting back to normal

PO Box 3143
Nunawading VIC 3131

Club Meetings
Club meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of each month
Hope you can come to the next meeting!
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AHFM Survey

The AHMF (Australian Historic Motoring Federation) requests your assistance to help expand a database of information to allow us to effectively lobby Governments and other bodies on issues that may affect our interest in the historic motoring scene.

A similar survey was conducted in the United Kingdom in the late 1990's and in Australia in 2006. The results of the Australian survey have been most illuminating and have been extremely valuable in our representations to Government and to counter other organisations that want to remove old cars from the road.

Below is the link to the Survey   

Please don’t worry about the cut off date, as it has been extended to December.