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Display Day Swap Meet

Display Day Swap Meet - download the forms

Swap Meet
Chrysler Restorers Club Display Day
Sunday 19th October 2014

After a positive response to the member survey earlier this year we can confirm that we will be running a small Chrysler only swap meet at display day as a service to members.

Swap sites are available to those members who are interested in being a vendor. The cost of a standalone site will be $40, payable to the club.

As this is a service to members the swap meet will also include a "combined site" for the use of those members whole only have one or two items that they would like to sell.

Although the swap is open to all vendors (NOTE! Chrysler car parts only- no bric a brac), use of the combined site is only available to members and requires you to fill out the "combined swap meet submission form"

Members intending to make use of the combined site will be expected to be available on the day to help man the site and be in close contact if queries on their sale items are received.

Set up times for the swap sites will be from 7:30 am on the day & we expect that the stand alone sites will run through to the end of Display day at approx 3:30pm.

As per my report last month those members who would like to be vendors at the swap meet (stand alone or combined) need to contact Will (mob 0402 292 646) to secure their position.

Please be aware that a positive response to the survey sent out previously does not guarantee that you will have a site allocated as the majority of responses were anonymous.

We look forward to a successful swap meet and hope you enjoy the day. 

The swap meet sub committee.

If you have a couple of things to sell at the swap meet:

* Secure a spot - contact Will on mob 0402 292 646

* make sure you complete the Club Combined Site Swap Meet Submission Form included with this magazine

* provide details of what you are selling and volunteer your time to man the site for just 1 hr