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2013 Nationals

Approximately every 3 years the Victorian, NSW, and SA Chrysler Restorers Clubs hold a National Rally.
It is held in a location selected by the host state.
The last Victorian Rally was held in Warrnambool in 2013, then NSW hosted one in Cowra, 2016.
The next one is in SA at Mclaren Vale in 2019

2013 Chrysler Restorers Club 13th National Rally
Warrnambool and the Shipwreck Coast
Sunday 29 September to Saturday 05 October, 2013

WHO CAME? - 160 Entrants +

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The Rally was a spectacular success, and was enjoyed by all who attended.

It concluded with the biggest Car Display ever held in Warrnambool and was attended by many local residents - in brilliant sunshine.

At the conclusion of the Rally it was announced that the next Chrysler Restorers Club of Australia, 14th National Rally will be held in Cowra, NSW in 2016.

Rally Report

After more than three years of planning, the 13th National Rally got underway in Warrnambool, with a dedicated Rally Sub-Committee preparing an action packed, 7 day event for more than 160 cars and 320 participants from NSW, SA and Victoria.

With significant sponsorship from Warrnambool Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Fiat Chrysler Australia, Elko Performance Parts and Valiant Spares & Repairs, Shannons, Repco and many others the event was a spectacular success, rated by many as the best ever.

With all entrants being issued a Chrysler umbrella, together with a range of other free rally pack items it was apparent that we would be prepared for any weather. Not only did we get any weather, we got ALL the weather   imaginable, but everyone soon realised that this was part of the "Warrnambool experience". The umbrellas gave us a chance to promote Chrysler wherever we went, and they will continue to do so long after the Rally is over.

We were fortunate to have secured the almost exclusive use of the Warrnambool Greyhound Club as our headquarters for the whole 7 days, which turned out to be a stroke of fortune as we had a well appointed facility that was used as our daily meeting place for the runs, as well as the nightly venue for meals and entertainment. It also hosted, for the first time on a National Rally, a unique collection of 4 cars on display inside the venue for the whole week, courtesy of local   residents together with   an extremely rare woody, a 1947 Chrysler Town & Country Convertible owned by one of our Victorian members, Terry & Reg Black. It was a great innovation, coordinated by Warrnambool Chrysler Jeep Dodge, that was supplemented later in the week by the appearance of a 6ft scale model of the   New York Chrysler building, complete with its own internal window lighting! This model had been built by a Warrnambool enthusiast and was an amazing find.

In addition to the daily runs, there were activities every night to ensure that everyone could join with friends, new and old, to have some fun, and participate in games that ensured everyone got involved. And with a plethora of prizes to give away there was plenty of competition and enthusiasm to receive the rewards.

Sunday 29th September : This was registration day to process the entrants as they arrived and to hand over the Rally Packs containing a Chrysler Umbrella, Rally cups, commemorative number plates, souvenir magazine and other information to encourage   a well informed rally. This was followed on Sunday night by a Welcome Dinner with activities to recognise the heritage of this 13th National Rally. Of particular note was the recognition of those entrants who have participated in   more than 8 National Rallies, and especially those   4 entrants who have attended all 13! Of even more significance was the fact that 41 entrants were attending their first Rally. A very promising sign.

Monday 30th September : This short run from the Rally Headquarters, to Koroit and Tower Hill was a warm-up event. As might have been expected, but not planned, the steep climb out of the Tower Hill Reserve was the undoing of some of the cars, which caused the head of the convoy to catch their tail as they looped around the old volcano rim. It was soon discovered how difficult it is to direct a merged convoy. And as a result, some were lucky enough to do two laps before veering off and heading to the Maritime Museum

The evening entertainment included a wine and cheese tasting supported by the local Cheese World and Newton Ridge Winery

Tuesday 1st October : This was a longer run, leaving the Rally Headquarters, passing through downtown Warrnambool with a ceremonial police escort using a Chrysler 300C SRT with all the red and blue lights and checker signage, passing through Allansford, before visiting Timboon and Port Campbell and returning via the Great Ocean Rd.

The weather was inclement at times but with enough dry spells to keep the pessimism at bay.

The evening entertainment was a Pub Games night, involving the biggest Darts competition ever experienced by our Warrnambool Darts Association facilitators, with ~300 participants all throwing darts before determining that SA would leave with the inaugural, Dodge the Dart, State of Origin Award.

Wednesday 2nd October : This was a free day for entrants to visit places of their own choice including options for coach tours to Feasts Valiant Museum in Port MacDonnell, SA, and to Narrapumelap and surrounding districts. Both tours were well liked and were followed with an evening Trivia Night.

Thursday 3rd October : This was another longer run, leaving Rally Headquarters and passing through downtown Warrnambool via and Allansford, before spending the day in Cobden to enjoy the rides on the extensive miniature railway, as well as viewing the local historical society displays.

Thursday night saw many entrants return yet again to the Greyhound Club, this time to enjoy a night watching the races, with an opportunity to learn about the betting game. Some won big, others small, and others not at all. Many other participants went instead to the Sound and Light Show at the Maritime Village for a spectacular night time story presentation about the shipwreck history of the region

Friday 4th October : This was an easy run to spend the day in Port Fairy, discovering the history of this unique and historical port and included a visit to the Reardon Theatre to view a sequence of short tourism films about the area, and including old footage about the building of the   Great Ocean Rd.

Friday night was our last entertainment night and included our guest speaker, Fletch, from Classic Restos, who told us about his progression from obscure backroom radio voice, to the host and producer of long running leading TV show on Channel 31/44

Saturday 5th October : Display Day Lake Pertobe, Warrnambool, was the location of our stunning public display of vehicles. The display was the biggest car show ever held in Warrnambool., and attracted a huge crowd of locals to both view our cars and to display their own cars in the adjacent parking area. Fletch was kept busy filming an episode of his Classic Resto's show.

The trophy winners were as follows:

*    Up to 1930   1st   Barry Peterkin, 1930 Chrysler Model 66

*    Up to 1930   2nd   Gil Purdie, 1922 Dodge 4 Roadster

*    1930 to 1939   1st   Alan Streatfeild, 1934 Plymouth PE Deluxe

*    1930 to 1939   2nd   Tony Hilsden, 1935 Dodge Sedan

*    1940 to 1949   1st   John & Bernadette Plowman, 1948 Dodge D25 CS Sedan

*    1940 to 1949   2nd   Ross Burgess, 1946 Desoto SP15 Sedan

*    1950 to 1959   1st   Ron Van Rhoda,  1956 Dodge Kingsway Coronet

*    1950 to 1959   2nd   Joe Doyle, 1952 Dodge Kingsway

*    1960 to 1969   1st   Paul Ryan,  1963 Imperial Crown Convertible

*    1960 to 1969   2nd   Stephen O’Donnell, 1963 AP5 Valiant

*    1970 to 1981 1st     Terry Barker, 1970 Plymouth GTX

*    1970 to 1981 2nd   Karen Jewell, 1979 Chrysler SE Regal

*    Best Commercial     John & Barbara Hanlin,  1953 Dodge 15cwt Ute

*    Best Commercial   2nd Trevor Kelley, 1946 Fargo ½ Ton Tray Truck

*    Shannons Award   Rod Hokin, 1932 Chrysler Imperial Sedan

*    Elko Best Muscle Car David Johnston,  1974 Chrysler by Chrysler CJ

*    Elko Best Valiant     Bruce & Marion Storey,  1972 Valiant E55 Charger VH 770

*    Chrysler Choice     Col Harmer,  1929 DA Dodge

The Display Day was followed by our formal Presentation Dinner, which included the giving of trophies, auction of the Mopar Men, thankyous to all the organisers and of course the big announcement from NSW that the next National Rally will be held in Cowra, in central NSW, in around 3 years time. And with Victoria putting on such a great Rally event this time around, a real challenge has been set for the NSW organisers.

The event was very well supported by sponsors including Warrnambool Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Fiat Chrysler Group, Elko Performance Parts and Valiant Spares & Repairs, Shannons, Repco and many others and we very much appreciate their contributions.

In fact, the degree of support from all the sponsors was tremendous, particularly from Warrnambool Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Fiat Chrysler Australia, who not only provided financial support but organised much of the local promotions on radio, TV and in the newspapers. And in addition to arranging the small car display in the Rally Headquarters they also provided TWO cars for use by entrants suffering car problems, and for those who just wanted a test drive opportunity. And what an opportunity it was, with both cars being the latest model   470hp 6.4L V8 Chrysler 300C SRT8's, one beautifully appointed white one belonging to Veronica Johns (CEO and President of Chrysler Australia) and the other a mean black "Core" model. Wow!

For those wanting to view a more extensive range of photos taken on the Rally, please visit our Club Website photo gallery.