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All American Day

All American Day

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Flemington   18th March


The day was very overcast, with evidence of recent showers, as I headed off to Flemington for my first AOMC All American Car Show. I arrived pretty early, to find lots of Chevs and Fords rolling through the gate, but not many Chryslers. I parked the Desoto in the Chrysler area, next to one other non-club ’26 Dodge and went for a walk thinking this will be a long day, holding up the fort for the club.


By the time I had done a quick tour of the GM end I returned to find that in fact the club members had started to arrive in good numbers. By the end of the day I had counted at least 13 club cars and a few other members without their cars. Debbie Dyer was very excited that, although the Brumheads “hadn’t bothered to come this year”, this was the best ever Club turnout at this event.




In addition to club members cars, we were joined by quite a number of other Chryslers, Dodges and Desotos from other clubs, such that we made a very worthwhile contribution to the day, although we were severely outnumbered by the more popular Ford and GM cars. I must admit this is the first big older car show I have been to and I found it hard to believe that there could be so many 1957 Chevs in one place – obviously a very popular model, followed closely by the Mustangs at the other end of the ground. Come to think of it the Chryslers had a very good position being placed in the middle keeping the Ford and GM owners apart.


I even heard that the Rambler club had managed to get the biggest collection of Ramblers in one place in the “history of Australia”, so they were also pretty excited about the success of the day.


One of the good things about this display was the mix of original, restored original, tricked-up and outright butchered squillion dollar cars of days gone by, and also the brand new models such as Mustangs, Vipers, Chrysler 300C’s, and PT Cruisers. (Did you notice in that sentence that ¾ of the modern cars mentioned are Chryslers – does that means they are now doing something right?) There was certainly no shortage of eye candy, and despite the earlier gloom, the day turned out very sunny.


By about 2:30 they held the presentation of awards, although how you judge the best cars in such a large get together of immaculate and diverse vehicles is hard to fathom. But they did choose some worthy winners.


Hopefully this year is the first of many more days at Flemington that are well supported by our club members. I certainly enjoyed it. I know that the AOMC, and their sponsors, RACV and Meguiars, were thrilled at the success of the day . Our club was even one of the clubs featured in the Commemorative Programme, which included a great article about one of the club’s 1947 Desoto S11C’s (hey, if you were given 24hrs to write an article about one of the clubs cars that you knew was going to be there, then you wouldn’t look past your own driveway either, would you?) - Mark Fenton