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Geelong Run - November 2006

Geelong and the Cement Retirees Museum -
19th November 2006

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 Another great day - great weather, great venues and a great line up of cars, so thanks to Anne and Fred McLaglen for organising the day.

Eleven cars left the meeting point at the base of the West Gate Bridge and had an easy run to Geelong, where we met up with a further 5 cars, before Fred lead us to the market at the show grounds. There was a little confusion negotiating the Geelong streets, but we all arrived intact at the market. The market had bric-a-brac and a variety of produce available and most members were seen carrying a few items back to their cars.

It was decided to have lunch at the market, where there was plenty of shade available on a day that was warming up, before moving on to the museum at around 1.00 pm. There was no trouble this time as we got there without losing anybody.

A number of volunteer guides showed us through the Cement Retirees Museum, which contained a huge variety of collectibles, as well as local and Geelong Cement Plant history. The Cement Plant closed in 2001, and will eventually be developed, along with the building which contains the museum, into commercial or residential properties.

This building was built in 1853 as a Protestant Orphanage and was acquired by the Cement Co in 1939 before becoming a magnificent Recreation Club for employees. Eventually, by 1976 it began to transform into the museum it is today and, with its many rooms, suits its current use very well. Separate rooms are dedicated to many aspects from a general display to War and Soldier memorabilia, associated Cements works history, such as laboratory equipment, locomotive room, Cements works machinery and office equipment.

At this stage, there is no new venue available to house the museum contents, and this could spell the end of a wonderful resource if no new venue is found in the next couple of years. It would be shame to see the museum finish up with nowhere to go.